Your Perfect Skin Solution: Intelligent Nutrients Now @ Rivas

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Your Perfect Skin Solution: Intelligent Nutrients Now @ Rivas

Our Sexiest article to date!


Today we present: the solution.


Unearth your skin’s perfect balance and watch the magnificent results. Smoother, softer and more luminous… read. on.


Welcome to Canada Intelligent Nutrients!


Intelligent Nutrients is an amazing new organic skincare line founded by industry leader Horst M. Rechelbacher. With this new line, he is breaking ground in the world of skin and hair by using cutting edge research to preserve the life force of pure plant ingredients. The entire line works to bring nature to a level of sophistication that guarantees the results you have been looking for: beautiful skin!


Intelligent Nutrients is Certified Organic and great for all skin types. Kick start your skin’s natural systems with Intellimune Seed Oil Complex, an intense blend found throughout the line. It feature’s natures powerhouse combination of black cumin, pumpkin, red raspberry, red grape and cranberry and provides a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamin E and omega fatty acids that is overwhelmingly beneficial for your skin.



A Rundown of the New Products


Anti-Aging Cleanser


Feeds, protects and restores while it cleans with Intellimune Seed Oil Complex. As effective as any foaming cleanser without causing dryness. It reveals a softer smoother surface using certified organic apple juice as a gentle exfoliate.



Anti-Aging Mist


Provides refreshing hydration to your skin. The Anti-aging mist allows the Serum to penetrate deeper, ensuring superior deliverance of antioxidants into your skin. Use throughout the day to hydrate and refresh. Works great for setting makeup.



Anti-Aging Serum


Packed with Carrot Oil, one of the strongest and most revitalizing oils to help regulate sebum production (a very big deal, actually,) making this line ideal for all skin types. The Anti-Aging Serum is the backbone of the skincare line. It works great at reducing inflammation (the new root of all evil in healthcare.) And it prevents and corrects signs of aging.



Anti-Aging Moisture


This lightweight moisturizer, left unbleached as nature intended, serves as a compliment to the oil rich serum and is a beautiful finish to the entire regimen. Quality omega fatty acids help retain and enhance skin moisture as well as strengthen and repair cell membranes.



Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex


Now let’s get serious…


Improve hydration, luminosity, softness, elasticity and smoothness after 40 days of use


Not enough?!


Visibly reduce wrinkle depth after just 20 days.


Put your money where your mouth is (and put it into your delicate eye area too!) Get the most bang for your buck with this ground breaking professional grade serum and its access to rare highly active plant stem cells with antioxidant concentrates up to 1000 X greater than your other products.



Intelligent Nutrients is the natural answer for healthy attractive skin.