Ubuntu – I Am Because We Are

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Ubuntu – I Am Because We Are

I remember coming into the store for my interview and being asked “why do you want to work here?” My reply “It’s really a selfish reason, quite honestly. I make an effort to live responsibly and the more people that I can get to live in a similar way, the easier it’ll be for me to live the life I seek to live.”


I want pretty things, ease and convenience too, but not at the expense of self destruction.


In talking with elders I realized answers used to be a lot more simple. Food was food and you could trust it. A ‘hello’ really meant something as there was genuine care behind the greeting.


I haven’t lived many years but it’s been long enough to recognize that this is the first time hearing that an elder doesn’t wish to be young again and the young are seen as a liability. It’s enough of a recognition to question ‘what is the reasoning for this shift in perception?


Less than a hundred years ago we could safely drink fresh water out of rivers, lakes and streams. Go swimming and enjoy the cool waters during a summer blaze. It becomes a disheartening thing to know that the water we took for granted is largely polluted with chemical runoff and prescription drugs.


How did this happen?


Distraction and laziness. Entertained with euphoric pleasures and unable to take massive notice of the actions that are speedily taking away our liberty to live. Our internal nature is directly being reflected by our external environment. Concrete walls and plastic bags seep into our veins, manifesting as cancer. And yet, all is okay because we’ve got the doctors and lawyers, the politicians and scientists to make it okay.




I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an activist – it’s simple responsibility. Responsibility to take care of our own well-being. To be truly selfish which will result in the increasing of potential. And know, that as an individual we embody a whole realm created by something impossible to fathom and yet we are deeply connected to its powerful life giving essence. It runs through everyone of us and strings us all together as a collective whole.


As John Muir so eloquently put it “”When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe”.


It is my belief that it starts with the food we nourish ourselves with. Ultimately, we are what we eat. The changes in perception are stemming from the chemical changes in our food system. Genetically modified foods are a recent introduction into the food chain and spreading like wildfire going untested to the health and safety of its use. It would seem to me that an acceptance of these changes becomes a slippery slope of destruction to the natural order that has taken billions of years to develop.


To accept one of these changes becomes an acceptance to all of these changes. To quote Ron Teeguarden in Chinese Tonic Herbs “Nature has bred us perfectly and can provide all that is necessary to live full and happy lives. Our genius, if used wisely can perhaps enhance our experience of life, but not if we use our cleverness and skills to destroy our environment”.


When we eat food that is closest to its source – unaltered and uncontaminated, we receive an intelligence that can not be replicated by man. It is an intelligence that connects us to ourselves and reaches out like branches and roots of a tree to all that is.


Ubuntu – I Am Because We Are