The Shift from Apathy to Better Health

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  • By Andrew Mackie
The Shift from Apathy to Better Health

You’ve probably heard people say this before. I know it’s been a common attitude since I was in junior high, at least.


The line goes something like this:


Everything’s a carcinogen.’ they say. ‘What can I do about it, everything causes cancer…‘ they say.


Sure, ignorance may be bliss, for a while. But statistically, this attitude isn’t working out.


Too many family, friends, loved ones are getting sick. It’s time to make the shift…


Apathy is not actually bliss. Let’s make the shift to better health.


Because there are things we can all do. There are tons of ways to live better, live cleaner, reduce stress and take care of ourselves (and our families, children, and anyone else who will listen) so that prevention is possible. So that a healthy, happy, meaningful future is possible.


It all starts with easy choices you make everyday. At home, at work, while shopping, before you go to sleep at night…


Find out what you can do to start living your life like your future is within your control. Join us at Rivas on June 26th at 6pm for a special event:


‘(finally…) Not Everything Causes Cancer’


The evening features a presentation by Dr Elaine Keenan of Natural Way:  ‘4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent Cancer’


and by Andrew Mackie co-owner of Rivas – Clean Living:  ‘Healthy Living Starts at Home. Easy Ways to Keep Everyday Toxins from Getting Under Your Skin.’


This is a Free event, but donations are encouraged and will be given to the Branch Out Foundation


Tickets available at Rivas or Natural Way. Or sign up here on Facebook So save the date. Book it in your calendar. More details to come…


It’s going to be a great event, with lots of positive information and ideas you can get started with. Once you start making the shift, you’ll feel the difference right away.


See you there!