The Heirloom Tomato of Life.

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  • By Andrew Mackie
The Heirloom Tomato of Life.

What is the Heirloom Tomato of Life?

It’s a progression. Picture the spectrum of tomatoes. At the regular store you’ve got that big old ‘beefsteak’ tomato that’s red on the outside and white on the inside and tastes basically like nothing. (But it’s big…and red…)


Then you’ve got the Organic tomato. It’s still big and red and perfect looking. And it’s a big step up in terms of taste from that bland conventional one.


But then…


You look at the Organic Heirloom tomato. It may come in a range of colors and textures. Green with stripes, orange, deep, dark red, like wine, almost. It may be strangely shaped. It might be oblong or twisted. But when you taste it you understand. The flavor is intense, sweet, tart. It tastes like what a tomato is meant to taste like.


It tastes better, it’s healthier, it’s more interesting. The best of all worlds.


(L-R) Not great, Pretty Good, Delicious

Where am I going with this?


We’re always looking for the heirloom tomato. Metaphorically.


Food is a given. We understand how it affects us. It’s immediate, a big part of our daily routine.


But what about the rest of what’s around you?


Applying Foodie Principles to the Rest of Life

Does the heirloom tomato experience cross-over?


Does it matter to you that your sofa is made by skilled hands, using only the best natural materials: natural rubber, foam, wool, solid hardwood, upholstery of pure linen, hemp, wool, organic cotton? Maybe the linen has a softer look than a polyester. Maybe it’s casually rumpled at times. But when you sink into it after a hard day, you can feel it.


Is there an ‘heirloom tomato’ of furniture? We say yes!


Does it matter to you that your bed has no synthetic foam in it? No hot, sweaty plastics and petro-chemicals? That you know you’re only sleeping next to the purest natural materials, using traditions that have been proven to provide deep, healthy sleep for over 150 years? Horsehair, flax, wool, cotton. Maybe. Maybe not. But when you wake up after the best sleep of your life, you know the difference.


Is there an ‘heirloom tomato’ of mattresses? We say yes!


Does the heirloom tomato matter?

Does it make your meal more delicious? Healthier? Your plate more beautiful?

We say yes. Without a doubt!


This is our life. To provide a whole home full of heirloom tomatoes (again, metaphorically…)




It makes lives better, experiences richer. It connects us to a deeper meaning. It just feels better. Isn’t that what we all want?


I like that idea. What do you think?