Natural skin care vs. Au naturel? Healthy skin tips.

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  • By Stephanie Brown
Natural skin care vs. Au naturel? Healthy skin tips.

“Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new” Sarah Chauncey Woolsey


I often encounter this dilemma, and while I very much appreciate the minimalist attitude, I am not sure that anyone going ‘au naturel’ fully understands what they are missing. How better to interact with nature than to experience the bounty of healing plant essence? In all forms, plants have long since been revered for their therapeutic properties, and perhaps are needed now more than ever. Here are some tips to introduce to the joys and the healthy benefits of natural skin care.


The key to maintaining healthy skin while upholding your environmental conscience is to source quality products that use high integrity ingredients. More often you will also find these criteria in companies with sustainable business practices.


Establishing a daily skin care routine: A treat, not a burden.


The daily routine doesn’t need to be a burden, and is often refreshing and invigorating. To begin your day, you will want to start with a cleanse. Allow self massage to stimulate and awaken your skin and senses. Take in the beautiful aromas that bring balance and overall wellness. Apply serums and moisturizers that are appropriate to your skin type.  These will gently aid your skin’s natural processes and will help your skin protect itself; there will always be environmental factors we cannot control. All day long you encounter invisible air pollutants that cause free-radical damage to your skin (which, btw, is the largest organ in your body and responsible for six major functions that contribute to your overall health. More on this in future discussions.) You can give yourself a ‘fresh beginning’ each day by applying pure, clean products that will ward off these aggressors.


Most of us understand that if we apply makeup to our faces we must  at some point clean it off. But what about those who do not? It is sometimes hard at the end to make the time when you are exhausted. What would entice us to spend 5- 10 minutes of our evening to cleanse for the sake of cleansing? Practically speaking, skincare will create that buffer for pollutants, but they may still attach. Cleansing will ensure the removal of anything nasty you might have collected. This extra bit of time with make you feel better and leave your skin healthier. Once you have cleansed you have the privilege to indulge in a wide range of oils, scrubs, masks and cremes readily available. To deal with a number of external factors (diet, stress management and so on) our skin needs a gentle boost to encourage its natural processes, including detoxing, cellular renewal and  exfoliation. Choosing quality products, and keeping to a simple routine will encourage your skin to take care of itself, unlike our mainstream counterparts who ‘do jobs’ for the skin that render the skin incapable of sustaining itself.


But I have a better reason to embrace a natural skin care routine.


By evening, embrace the opportunity to give back to yourself. Giving yourself these moments of personal care will help to ease yourself back into the parasympathetic state you will need to rest, repair and rejuvenate.


Healthy skin tip #1: Embrace your daily routine.


Whether you have been going ‘Au Naturel’ and want to see what using some clean, natural products can do for you; or whether you are making the switch from using standard commercial products, my first advice is to work on your routine, and enjoy the time you can carve out for yourself! And keep an eye on my future columns for more healthy skin tips and advice. I will continue to explore in greater depth many of the items touched on above, including the rewards of taking these moments to treat ourselves. It is my goal to help you to truly understand the great impact skin and body care can have on your sense of well being, but there is one other item I wish to address. Looking your best is not an ‘eco evil’. We can celebrate the best of our physical selves without compromising our values. Because of this I will also continue to explore how to meet your individual skincare needs and concerns with the use of the natural sophistication of pure plant essences.