Introducing the Innate Beauty Blog: Adventures in Natural Skin Care

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  • By Stephanie Brown

If you have enjoyed a long established relationship with Riva’s Eco Store I may have had the pleasure of meeting you. With my second child well on his way I joined the Eco Store family as a holistic skincare consultant for Riva’s Beauty Bar. For almost two years, from 17th to Inglewood, I was living my dream performing hand massages, playing with makeup and sharing what inspires me most: skincare as a wellness model. All the while I was absorbing the plethora of knowledge the store provides about the beauty of sustainable living. So now you know my secret — under the ruse of working I was hanging out, having fun and schooling myself (shhh don’t tell Riva and Andrew). Can you believe they even let me wear my baby to work?! I still enjoy the luxury of working amid my children because from now on I will be sharing from the comfort of home, insights from my cornucopia of experience as a Holistic Skin Therapist.


With each installment of the Beauty Blog you can expect to find loads of information on skincare as a wellness model. Some days we will have fun and some days we will get serious, but I promise it will always be meaningful and empowering. You won’t catch me raging on against the system or complaining about how things have come to be the way they are. Instead we will explore ways to celebrate what we have. We have the ability to help preserve our own wellness and the wellness of the ones we care for. Bonus — you will also learn ways to achieve all of the results the commercials have promised and never delivered. Why do so many think they cannot have their cake and eat it too?? You don’t have to pick between luxury and safety. Please indulge with me as we move through weekly topics in healthy skincare, and discuss tips and highlights to help you find, and properly use, the ideal products for your unique skin.


I very much look forward to spending time with you. Please hold nothing back — do not hesitate to contact me with a question, concern or to share a story of your own. I am thrilled to be here for you and through your participation will be able to embark on my next journey of learning. It is super easy too — you can email me directly [email protected] or through the site under ‘contact us’. I also encourage you to visit the Riva’s Eco Store in Inglewood to learn more, and to test the latest organic skincare products.