How To Repel Bugs and Attract Love (The Organic Way…)

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  • By Andrew Mackie
How To Repel Bugs and Attract Love (The Organic Way…)

Organic Bug Repellent? What will they think of next?


I was talking with a friend the other day. She told me about a recent trip she was on with her husband. One evening, after a day in the outdoors where he had absolutely doused himself head to toe in bug spray, he refused to shower off before getting into bed.



Too tired.


Didn’t feel like taking the time.


And so on.


Now, she wouldn’t describe herself as being ‘chemically sensitive’ but still tries to live clean, thinks about her health, tries to avoid chemicals.


…She got sick before even going to sleep. Huge headache, nausea. Ended up sleeping on the couch, and even from there could smell the stuff…


The next day… big fight, etc.


They ended up coming to an understanding, and enjoyed the rest of their trip. But it wasn’t easy.


I hear a version of this story all the time.


It’s not easy for people who are sensitive. It’s not easy for people who are concerned for their health; the health of their families and children.


The people who don’t care, or who aren’t sensitive to things, whatever it might be (offgassing from mattresses, paint, carpet, clothing; chemicals in food, skincare products, cosmetics; allergies) tend not to believe, or tend not to want to hear/think about it. They don’t want to know. They just aren’t open to it.


For them it’s too scary;


It costs more to live healthy;


It’s all made up;


It’s regulated, it’s approved. The government says it’s safe;


They have lots of reasons.


Organic Bug Repellent and the joys of convincing your friends…


Can you convince everyone you know to make better, healthier choices?


Probably not, but I imagine you have tried, have thought about it, had an argument about it, with someone, at some point.


At least it’s easier when there ARE some good alternatives. Things you can point to that really work. For Organic Bug Repellent, Intelligent Nutrients has a great system. Headache and nausea free.


You might even attract some love.