Hastens Celebrates 40 Years of Blue Check

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Hastens Celebrates 40 Years of Blue Check

Hastens has been perfecting the craft of mattress making since 1852. This counts them as the oldest and most experienced mattress maker in the world. But up until the 1970s, they remained a small, family-run shop catering to their local Swedish clientele. Owner at the time Jack Ryde, father of current head of Hastens, Jan Ryde, had a bigger vision and a passion for design. He knew they had a special product and wanted to share the secret of great sleep with the world. He entered a furniture & design show to show off his new line of mattresses, which were covered in a bold blue-and-white check fabric; a complete departure from the drab, basic look of his competitors.


Everyone in the industry thought he’d gone mad. But the people understood. And over the past 40 years the Hastens signature Blue Check pattern has become an iconic symbol of quality, style, craftsmanship, and the most comfortable sleep on planet Earth.


Order Your Anniversary Special Mattress and Get an Incredible Gift

To celebrate this 40 year achievement, Hastens has created a special edition of Anniversary mattresses, with distinctive detailing and styling. And they are giving you an incredible bonus gift! When you decide to order your Hastens 40th Anniversary mattress, they will give you a free gift package worth up to $12,500! This package includes all of the luxury accessories you need to get the most out of your Hastens experience.


Packages vary depending on which mattress you choose. They include a combination of premium down duvets and pillows, luxurious bed linen sets, and plush bathrobes.


Call me today to book your Hastens appointment, improve your sleep, and take advantage of this amazing offer! But hurry! Offer ends March 15th!