Girls Night. Moms Day. Inglewood Stuff.

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  • By Andrew Mackie
Girls Night. Moms Day. Inglewood Stuff.

I’m often reminded (by my mom) that I was once overheard telling my playground friends: 


‘My mom is the best cook. She puts zucchini in everything!’


Which was true on both counts. Food was good. And there was zucchini in it.


Zucchini must have been the rage the 80s like kale is in 2015. (though I heard a rumor that kale on it’s way out… bring on collard greens…)


Zucchini: The ultimate health experience. The original superfood. (besides the real original superfoods.) The superfood of the 80s, at least. Injecting a burst of health into every meal.


I guess I learned from a young age the value of adding a bit of health consciousness to every decision. (I’ll tell you about my dad’s breakfast concoctions in another story…) And I learned the value of making things; of taking control of the things around me, even if it meant seeing things in an unconventional way. (like putting zucchini in all recipes, savory or sweet… )


Certainly, on my part, there were periods of forgetting, and of unlearning. There’s a whole world out there dedicated to this. Everyone is susceptible.


But here we are. Working hard. Trying to do something that makes a difference to people, and to the future. Trying to mix the proverbial zucchini into everything in life, while still making it delicious. 


I have all kinds of influences to thank. Especially mom. For teaching me to think, to question, to try. For uncountable lessons. For the endless support. Even when she thinks my choices are crazy. Which is most of the time.


Hey, mother’s day is coming up. Not that there’s ever a time when we forget how important all of the moms in our life are, but now is really the time to think about it. And to give thanks, flowers, gifts, big hugs.


If you’re looking for something to do…


Tonight is the 6th annual ‘Girls Night Out’ in Inglewood. A very cool night to come down to the neighborhood and join in the fun at all of Calgary’s coolest restaurants, shops and galleries. (including us…) I’m making punch. (with zucchini…?)


If you are a mom, Thursday is a great time to check out what the neighborhood has to offer so you can drop some hints to the last minute gift shoppers out there.





In other news, we are just about to launch a new project. It was always Rivas dream that this place become a center for teaching, learning, sharing, especially for new and expecting moms. So…


Our new ‘mom space’ is about to get rolling. (official name TBD…) It will be a gathering place with a steady calendar of events, classes, hangouts and workshops, ranging from babywearing to nutrition, parenting to family financial planning. And… Storytime. With Riva! 

The first Saturday Storytime is on May 16th, 10-11am. Bring the kids. Bring the family!

 Sign up here to stay in the loop, and to get a free pass to a workshop of your choice

And keep an eye on our calendar for more updates.