Dreamy Organic Bed: Tradition and Magic

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  • By Andrew Mackie
Dreamy Organic Bed: Tradition and Magic

Sometimes it’s about more. Not more, bigger. Not bigger, better. Not better, greater.


Greater than us.


It’s not that we hide behind our insignificance, it’s that we acknowledge something more significant. And we give it respect. Even in small ways. Our ancestors knew it. They lived it.


But what is it?


Tradition and craft is at least one way to connect to this lingering ideal.


The white bison is one in ten million. (10,000,000, in case you want to see all the zeroes) Needless to say, when one comes around, you remember it.


Pendleton remembers it here: the Big Medicine blanket. Another classic. The warmth and softness of natural wool. Colours of leaves, sun, grass, earth. Simple, elegant imagery. Subtle yet rich symbolism.




Preserving this link to a traditional world is quintessential to any Pendleton narrative. And it’s all in here. The circle of life. Four hands reaching out to people from all corners. Where medicine meets magic. Where man meets his creator. Where we find respect, love, purpose.


Where we connect. Where we realize that though we are small, and our lives are short, we still matter. But that’s not where it starts. It only happens with perspective.