Austin Air: The Only Air Filter Good Enough..

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  • By Andrew Mackie
Austin Air: The Only Air Filter Good Enough..

As you may know, we’ve carried a line of air filters for a number of years from a company called Austin Air. They make a range of super high-quality portable units that clear the air of dust, chemicals, allergens and VOCs. They’ve been easy for us to stand behind: Great company. All made in the USA. Metal construction, no plastics. Super low maintenance.


We’ve only had one minor malfunction in 8 years of selling the units.


And we always knew the filtration was top-notch, but we might not have realized quite how good they were. (you can only trust internet reviews, and our own experience so far…)


But we’ve been running low, lately. There have been some back orders we’ve been waiting on.


‘What’s going on with Austin Air?’ we’ve been starting to ask ourselves.


Finally it all makes sense. Check out this letter we just got from the president of the company:


I would personally like to thank every dealer in our network for the understanding and patience they have extended to everybody at Austin. The decision to divert a great deal of our production capacity to providing air cleaners to California was difficult but we believe necessary.


The Aliso Canyon gas leak accident was unprecedented with 1,200,000 pounds of methane spewing into the atmosphere every day. This situation became so serious that governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency as thousands of families were being affected and schools were closing down.


Unfortunately, almost the entire burden of providing air cleaners fell on the shoulders of Austin Air. This happened for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost is that virtually every air cleaner that had been rated by Consumer Reports and certified by AHAM was rejected by both SOCAL and the Government of California for not being able to meet the required clean air standards.This left Austin Air as the only company able to produce and supply air cleaners for the community of Porter Ranch, California.

Scary. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected. Hopefully their air is getting better. Nice, at least, that Austin Air was able to provide relief, even in some small way. It makes us proud to represent the brand. And we can certainly forgive them for a delay if their product helps with an emergency like this.


At the moment, we’ve been low on stock, but Austin Air is back to capacity and we’re taking orders. If you’re looking for the easiest way to get cleaner air in your home, your bedroom, or your office, grab one of these heavy-duty (but still stylish, in an R2-D2 sort of way…) air filters. The best of the best! The gas leak is plugged, and our next shipment is on the way!