5 Reasons Why You Should be Sleeping on an Organic Mattress?

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  • By Andrew Mackie
5 Reasons Why You Should be Sleeping on an Organic Mattress?

Picture this scene: A couple walks into a regular mattress store. They’d probably heard some ads on the radio that had mentioned that the store was branching out and now carrying an ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ line in their collection.


The couple had been doing a little research. They’d started hearing about the harmful effects of offgassing chemicals, fire-retardant sprays, and so on. They had started learning a bit about why an organic mattress is important. So they went in to see some beds; to start getting a feel for what was out there.


Inside, they meet a salesman.


‘We heard that you carry Organic Mattresses,’ they say to him. He pauses for a second to think.


Finally: ‘Oh yeah. Those. Follow me over here.’


He takes them to a section of the store with a couple of beds that look a little more natural than the rest of the polyester-y beds around.


‘Here they are. What do you think?’ he asks.


‘I guess they look natural. What’s inside?’

‘We’ll you can see it’s got ‘Organic Cotton’ on the cover. Inside there’s a bunch of foams and stuff. I think,’ he explains. They weren’t super convinced by this answer, but decided to lie down and see how the bed felt. It was ok. But after a few seconds she asked:


‘What’s going on with that chemically smell?’


‘That?’ he answers. ‘Don’t worry about that. It’s just like your new car smell. I’m sure it’ll be gone pretty soon….’


Like in a cartoon, I’m sure you can picture the sound of footsteps running, a door slamming, car tires screeching away.


Fortunately, they found us. And ended up on a 100% natural, authentic Organic Mattress.


Here’s the thing. New Car Smell might have become a treasured concept in our culture thanks to the excitement of getting something new, high-tech, flashy. Maybe there’s been some clever marketing. But if you’ve ever seen a test of what’s in the air when you’re breathing ‘new car smell,’ you’d probably find it much less exciting. And it’s certainly not a concept you want to apply to your bedroom. Avoid ‘new mattress smell.’ There are better options out there that will make your bedroom safer, healthier, and better for you.


So why an organic mattress?

First, let’s take a step backward and touch on a different question: What is an organic mattress?


I won’t go into too much detail here. If you want more specific info, grab yourself a free copy of our latest guidebook: The Real Dirt on The World’s Cleanest beds.


For now let’s just say it’s a bed that’s made of pure natural materials, rather than synthetics and plastics. Nice, safe, comfortable things like Cotton, Wool, Flax, Horsehair, Silk, Natural rubber, from the tree.


Yes… nature is good. It’s a fact that’s becoming more and more apparent. The more we learn, the more we realize that we are happiest and healthiest when surrounded by nature. And that the leading causes for disease are from unnatural things we’ve added to our lives and environments.


For example, I hear crazy stuff on the mattress commercials these days. Memory foams. Gimmicks. All kinds of things that just don’t sound like they connect me more closely with getting a good night’s sleep. The latest thing I keep hearing about? Gel.





Inside a bed? Call me old fashioned, but think about this with me. Is there anything that sounds comfortable about lying on gel? Sticky. Jiggly. Goopy. No thanks!


The truth is, most modern beds are made from all kinds of things you don’t want to know about. Polyester and nylon fabric. Synthetic foams. Memory foams. And whatever ‘gel’ is… Don’t be fooled by names like ‘ComfortLux.’ You won’t be comfortable. And it isn’t luxurious.


Let’s face it. There are many reasons you need to be sleeping on an Organic or Natural bed. Let’s get started.


First and foremost, you want to sleep better. There’s no question that getting proper sleep is important. We’ve always known this, on some level. But as we’ve invented more and more ways to interrupt our sleep, it’s become increasingly apparent how badly we function when we don’t get the sleep we need. And there are more and more studies out there to prove it.


Why is sleep so important? Basically, you need the full cycle of sleep in order to stay healthy and function properly. When you get proper rest, you look better, feel better, have more energy, fight off illness faster, are able to think more clearly and work faster.


There are many factors that contribute to getting proper sleep. From diet and nutrition, to avoiding caffeine and alcohol, to getting more exercise. From creating a dark, quiet sleep environment, to avoiding TV, cell phones, computers and other stimulants right before bed, there are many things you can probably improve upon if you aren’t waking up every day feeling energized and ready to go. Getting the right mattress, pillows and bedding is also a major part of this puzzle. Most of the sleep factors require a little thought, discipline and common sense. But if you’re on the wrong bed, you’re still going to have a hard time.


So where does an Organic Mattress fit into this?


Let’s look at some of the reasons you need to be sleeping in a healthy, comfortable, natural bed.


1. You Breathe Better.

Respiratory conditions affect a surprising percentage of the populations, and certainly they can’t all be blamed on the bed, or the sleep environment, but it’s certainly worth starting by cleaning it up. Avoiding allergens, carcinogens and offgassing chemicals definitely won’t make things worse.


‘So what’s in a bed that’s stopping me from breathing properly?’ you ask.


You probably think about what you put into your body. Whether you’re digging down to find information about the actual farmer that grew your kale, you’ve at least thought about your diet; about choosing better nutrition; about avoiding junk food.


What you might not think about is that eating and drinking aren’t the only ways that things get into your body. What you breathe is also vitally important. You want to be breathing the cleanest and best air you can. You might not get to live on top of a mountain, or in the woods near lakes and streams and rabbits, but by making a few simple choices, you can still make a huge difference in the air you breathe inside your bedroom.


While you don’t have much control over the environment outside your door, you can make a huge difference inside your home, and inside your bedroom.


This may sound scary, but the good thing is that, from a health standpoint, your most important time is while you sleep. This is where your body goes to heal, rest, recover, and wake up ready to take on the next day.


So breathe clean. Set up your bedroom as a sanctuary. Don’t bring that bad stuff in there. This starts with your bed, your closest companion. Pressed into your mattress and pillow night after night, you want to make sure you aren’t getting air filled with who knows what chemicals make up the synthetic foams, fabrics and gels. Tempurpedic loses lawsuits. Many major mattress brands lose lawsuits for withholding information about the harmful effects of the true contents of their beds.


Formaldehyde, toluene, Methylene, Benzene. Respiratory irritants, carcinogens, can damage organs, affect endocrine system.


Steer clear of any of that mess and make sure you’re breathing the good stuff.


Allergens can also be an issue. You may have heard about dust mites, those little microscopic bugs that live in beds, pillows, blankets, furniture. They are a part of life; everywhere we are. Do a Google Image search and you’ll see how scary they look, but in and of themselves, they aren’t harmful to us. They don’t sting, bite, or really have much to do with us. Other than feeding on dead skin cells, and then creating dust (feces) that we end up breathing. And that make us feel stuffed up or ‘allergic.’ Gross? Yes. That’s why we want to have as few of them around us as possible. How? It starts with the environment. Dust mites love environments that are warm and humid. If your bed doesn’t breathe well, and traps humidity (from you…) like mattresses made of synthetic fabrics and foams do, you’re going to have more dust mites, and a harder time breathing properly. Natural materials like wool, cotton, natural latex, (horsehair…) deal very well with your body moisture and therefore stay less enticing for our dust-mite friends.


I go into more detail about my own experience with making the switch to a true Organic mattress in my Guidebook ‘The Real Dirt of the World’s Cleanest Beds.’ Go here to download your free copy.



2. You’re Supported Better

When we lie down on a bed, we want to feel…comfortable. But what does that mean? There is a personal preference element to this, but, from a structural standpoint, it boils down to a balance of support & pressure relief. You want your bed to support you properly, but you don’t necessarily want it pushing on you too firmly. You want it to cradle you just so; where everything lines up, and yet you want to feel light, free. If your hips sink in further than your shoulders, you probably aren’t going to be comfortable. If your bed pushes your hips above your shoulders, you probably aren’t going to be comfortable.


The beauty of the materials used in natural and organic mattresses is that they can be customized to give you the perfect balance of support and softness, and they stay that way.


3. You rest easy and worry less

Yes, it’s nice going to sleep knowing that you aren’t breathing in any offgassing chemicals or carcinogens. It’s one less thing to worry about in this hectic world. And we can always use one less thing to worry about.


Instead of lying awake wondering: ‘Is my bed safe? What are flame-retardant chemicals doing to me? What’s this Gel stuff all about? Is there formaldehyde in this mattress?….’


Stop worrying the easy way. Get rid of the problem. Bring in the solution.


It’s no secret that stress and worry affects your sleep. Especially when it’s stress and worry about your sleep.


Don’t worry about it anymore. Go Natural. Go Organic for your mattress.


4. Less Sweating and Overheating.

I touched on this in the section on dust-mites, but is another important reason that you don’t want your bed to be sweaty, hot, sticky, trapping your body moisture. They say the average person sweats over 1Litre of water every night. If that moisture isn’t getting naturally wicked away from your body, you aren’t going to be comfortable.


Are you one of those people that wakes up in the night, feeling like your roasting, or in a sauna? If you’re a hot sleeper, you need to surround yourself with natural materials. Plasticky polyesters and foams are making your problem worse, and you’re losing sleep over it.


Cotton is known for its ability to keep you cool and comfortable. Wool and horsehair are famous for being natural wicking fibers; and are often called ‘temperature regulating’ for their abilities to keep you from getting too hot or too cold.


When you are asleep, you want an environment that stays nice and even; that keeps you at just the right temperature, circulates air, and ‘breathes’ sweat and humidity away from you.



5. They last longer and save you $

Sure, getting a premium quality natural or Organic mattress might be a bit of an investment up front. They are sure to be more expensive than your average, run-of-the-mill mattress. But it’s an investment that pays off over time.


A good natural bed can have a warranty of 20 years or more. And the beauty of this is that they stay comfortable, keep their shape, retain the support you need.


If you saw how regular beds are made, you’d see why this is so important. Regular beds are made with cheap, flimsy spring systems, synthetic foam, wrapped up in polyester fabric. I’ve lost count of the number of people that come in complaining about how they bought a ‘higher-end’ bed from a conventional brand that felt pretty good for a couple of years, and then it collapsed.


In the cost-cutting world that is the mattress industry (seen the ads on tv? Zero down, zero interest, no payments for 3 years, 75% off, plus a free flatscreen tv?) Quality isn’t the game. Your sleep and comfort aren’t the game. It’s sad but true.


It’s a good thing there are still a couple of independent mattress makers out there that choose not to buy their ingredients from the standard places; that take the time and make the effort to find their own, top quality natural materials that last and last. And give you year after year of great sleep. That’s something you can’t put a price on…



Still wondering why do you need to consider an Organic mattress?


Ultimately, it’s all up to you. How much do you care about getting better sleep? How much do you care about what you’re lying on and breathing as you lay in bed every night? How much do you care about comfort, quality, longevity?


If you’re still wondering why an Organic Mattress is important for you, you probably need to feel one for yourself.


You might as well come on down and test one out. Who knows… it may just change your life!