25 Days of Giving – Day 7: The New New Age

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  • By Andrew Mackie
25 Days of Giving – Day 7: The New New Age

Today’s ’25 Days of Giving’ feature comes from the good people at The New New Age. Their amazing, original, herbal tea blends are a treat you’ve got to try. Especially as winter sets in.


Based in Southern Ontario, they run an Organic farm, where the grow, harvest, and wildcraft many of their ingredients. And in the nearby beach town of Port Stanley, ON, they have just opened a farm-to-table café and boutique of local handcrafts.


Since moving back to Ontario from Los Angeles not quite two years ago, they have transformed their farm, adding farm-scale permaculture, bees, and planting and restoring native fruit, nut and berry trees. They have built relationships with all kinds of great people in the area and are becoming key players in developing their local foodie scene. And, just for fun, have restored a building on the main street of Port Stanley to complete their farm-to-table operation.


Are they the coolest people on earth? Only time will tell. But right now the answer is definitely… probably.


So grab some tea today to help us support the cause. And maybe throw in one of their live-edge cutting boards. These are the same boards that they use to serve up their artisanal charcuterie plates, which we highly recommend if you ever get a chance to visit their café.


These are great gifts for anyone that loves a unique, magical tea experience.




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