25 Days of Giving – Day 18: Essence Bracelets

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  • By Andrew Mackie
25 Days of Giving – Day 18: Essence Bracelets

These beautiful bracelets are the creation of local healers/energy workers Lesley Cameron and Andrea Pittis. They create these magical combinations of stones, giving each bracelet its own energy and purpose. Find them a bracelet gives Strength, Balance, Calm, Courage, Love, Friendship, and more.


Their philosophy is that, at our essence, we are all perfect, powerful beings, ready to fulfill our calling. The bracelets are not here to fix us, but to bring out the best version of ourselves.


Yes, they are stylish, sexy, shiny, pretty, but they are much more. People that try them on often don’t want to take them off again. They can feel right away the energy within.


Today is your chance to give someone a gift that will not just accent their look, but help lift their energetic spirits!




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