25 Days of Giving – Day 17: Aerelight oLED Lamps

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  • By Andrew Mackie
25 Days of Giving – Day 17: Aerelight oLED Lamps

Have you seen the Aerelight yet? It’s been starting to pop up in design forums here and there, but it’s still pretty new. Were excited to be the first place in town to have them!


You might be looking at it and thinking: ‘That’s a pretty sleek, cool looking desk lamp.’ And you’re right. But what might not be obvious is why.


Aerelight is the first product from a lighting innovator out of Toronto. They have developed the oLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) that will revolutionize the way the lighting industry works. By sandwiching organic dyes in thin glass, and adding a gentle current, they are able to produce a light that is higher quality and more efficient than anything out there. The natural, low eye-strain glow is perfect for work, reading, or just setting the mood…


And yes, the design is pretty cool too. A great gift for the person that loves modern design and cutting edge technology!




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